Hampshire Fine Sloe Gin, Winchester Distillery

Hampshire Fine Sloe Gin, Winchester Distillery


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Hampshire Fine Sloe Gin is a small batch gin-based liqueur made by the Winchester Distillery.

As with all of Winchester Distillery’s gins, the base for the Hampshire Fine Sloe Gin is distilled in a traditional copper pot still, a descendent of the alembic still, used to make batches of spirits, unlike the continuous distillation of large, more commercial column stills. Pot stills produce a very fine grade of spirit. The botanicals are gently crushed, mixed and macerated pure, neutral spirit to release the oils that give the gin its characteristic flavours. The spirit and macerated botanicals are then re-distilled in the pot still and only the heart of the distillate is used for the final bottling.

For the Hampshire Fine Sloe Gin wild foraged sloe berries are macerated in gin before a touch of sugar is added for sweetness. The gin used in this is not one of the distillery’s other gins but is a specially formulated juniper-led gin which provides a broad base for the berry fruit character of the sloes. This is not overly sweet like some sloe gins but has a much dryer, spicier finish.


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