Havana Club Anejo Especial Rum, Cuba


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Havana Club is the second largest international rum brand worldwide. Cuba has a long tradition of rum-making. It dates way back to 1493, when Christopher Columbus introduced sugar cane to the island. The crop flourished in the favourable climate and fertile soil. Havana Club is produced according to careful Cuban tradition from sugar cane of the highest quality. After fermentation of the molasses, called mieles in Cuba (literally honey), an extremely slow distillation process in columns especially designed for Havana Club produces a powerful and aromatic liquor known as aguardiente. This young liquor is aged in white oak casks and then blended with fresh sugarcane distillate to produce ron fresco (fresh rum) which is then successively aged and blended again several times until the maestros roneros (master blenders) are satisfied. The choice of barrels is crucial, as the wood gives colour, aroma and complexity to the liquor. The entire range of Havana Club is aged naturally, with no artificial acceleration – the best guarantee of excellent quality. After ageing, each cask of rum is verified, and tasted by the maestros roneros with passion, patience and precision to ensure the quality of the ageing and blending processes. Around 15 years of training are necessary to become a true maestro ronero – the time it takes to learn the traditional skills of rum-making from the previous generation. Havana Club Anejo Especial Rum is a premium golden rum, a blend of rums aged for up to five years in the ageing cellars of Havana Club, under the watchful eye of Don José Navarro Havana Club’s Mestro Ronero.


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