Hawthorns Gin 37.5%

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Hawthorns Gin is an English London Dry Gin first launched in 2015. It is a single batch gin distilled using 100% English wheat in a beautiful vintage copper pot still manufactured by John Dore & Co, who are widely regarded as one of the best still makers in the world. Hawthorns Gin is made from a unique blend and selection of 10 different botanicals from around the world, these include,

Juniper – from Macedonia
Orange Peel – from Seville in Spain
Lemon Peel – from Seville again
Orris – the fragrant root of the iris add floral character
Coriander – from Bulgaria, add lemony-citrus notes
Cassia – from Indonesia
Nutmeg – spicy and sweet from Sri Lanka

The base spirit (wheat) is quadruple distilled and then the botanicals are steeped for 24 hours to extract all the flavours, aromas and essential oils prior to the final, fifth distillation.

The brand is owned by 180 East Ltd and their CEO, Will Turnage, found inspiration for Hawthorns Gin from his grandfather who served in the Royal Navy in World War II. During the war Lt Cdr Michael Wallrock began distilling his own gin (and took it to sea with him) and the nautical branding and recipe for Hawthorns Gin is inspired by the stories and a gin recipe that Turnage found in his grandfather’s wartime journals. Commander Wallrock would boast of being sunk three times and never getting his feet wet and this was always proudly toasted at each port with his legendary ‘On the Rocks’ measure which he soon became famous for. The bottle features a flag reminiscent of a nautical split flag with lines of longitude and latitude radiating from the logo. In another nod of the head to this gin’s seafaring inspiration the bottle features a secondary label with a row of eight nautical flags which spell out the word “Hawthorns”.

Bottled at 37.5% and a superb gin for the price!


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