Heaven Hill Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey 40% 70cl

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Heaven Hill Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is a rye-influenced Bourbon.

Located in Bardstown, Kentucky, Heaven Hill is the world’s second largest holder of bourbon whiskey with over 675,000 charred white oak barrels ageing in 42 open-rick warehouses. Double-distillation takes place at the modern Bernheim facility where Craig and Parker Beam produce rye and wheat influenced bourbons as well as straight rye, corn and wheat whiskies, using their own family yeast strain – now in its fifth generation! By law, Bourbon must be made up of at least 51% corn and be aged a minimum of two years in a new charred white oak barrel, standards that were pioneered by early Bourbon makers such as Evan Williams and Rev. Elijah Craig. Using a time-honoured recipe dating back to 1788, this signature bourbon, which carries the company’s name, is an excellent all-purpose bourbon of superb value.

Aged for four years in new, charred white American oak, and then charcoal filtered and bottled, Heaven Hill Old Style bourbon is featured in cocktails and poured in trendy bars around the world. It is bottled at 4 years old.


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