Hedgehog Gin, One Eyed Spirits 43% 70cl

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Hedgehog Gin – or Ron Jeremy AKA The Hedgehog Gin – is made in The Netherlands for Finland’s One Eyed Spirits, the guys responsible for the wildly successful Ron de Jeremy range of Rums.

In keeping with Ron Jeremy’s profession (he is an “adult performer”, in case you didn’t know, and, if you did, shame on you!), The Hedgehog Gin claims to be the only gin in the world whose botanicals are based on “Love Herbs” including Damiana, Ginseng, Guarana and Bergamot. The gin is distilled in 50 year old copper pot still in Holland. All the botanicals and fresh fruits are individually macerated for a few days or up to a month, depending on the botanical, before being distilled separately and finally blended after the distillates have been allowed to rest for at least two weeks. There are 12 botanicals in total, which are:

Juniper Berries – hand picked in Macedonia, said to increase virility in men and enhance sensuality in women!

Coriander Seeds – specially selected in Morocco.

Cardomom Seeds – from Guatemala.

Angelica Root – Polish Angelica add some earthy character.

Licorice Root – Turkish licorice root adds some bittersweet character.

Cinnamon Bark – sourced from China, it is believed to stimulate
and excite the passions of men. It also promotes health, vigour and libido.

Bergamot – is believed this magical herb is ruled by Venus and it is perfect for love magic, sourced from Italy.

Orange Oil – all the way from Brazil.

Lemon Peel – Infusion of lemon is believed to induce lust. This zesty, intense peel comes from Italy.

Damiana – Finest Asian Damiana, enjoys a reputation as an aphrodisiac.

Ginseng – The best Asian Ginseng is is one of the most highly regarded of herbal medicines and has gained an almost  magical reputation for being able to promote health, prolong life and treat many ailments. It is also believed to be a powerful natural aphrodisiac.

Guarana – Real Asian Guarana has been regarded as one of the most potent herbs by many ancient cultures of South America for centuries. It warms and energizes the body, thus revving it up for amorous action!

Perfect in a Gin and Tonic or Porn Star Martini.

Ron Jeremy earned his nickname “The Hedgehog” when he was starting out in his career in Southern California. Having never been to the West Coast before he assumed it was always sunny out there. Riding his motorbike to a shoot in a t-shirt and shorts Ron hit a blizzard and arrived freezing cold. After a warm shower he apparently looked “all pink and furry, like a little hedgehog” and the nickname stuck. This gin is an homage to Ron.



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