J Bally Millesime 2002 Rhum Vieux 43%


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J Bally Millesime 2002 Rhum Vieux 43% is a single vintage rum from Martinique.

There are two main types of rum, those made from molasses and those made from sugar cane juice. Rhum Agricole, or Agricultural Rum, is made from sugar cane juice that is fermented, distilled and then aged. Being made form sugar cane juice means that they retain more of of the original flavours of the sugar cane than rums made from molasses. These rums are most commonly made in the French speaking parts of the Caribbean and South America. It takes approximately 100 kgs of sugar cane to produce 10 litres of Rhum Agricole and no rum with the designation of origin “Martinique” can be sold with an alcoholic concentration lower than 40%.

Bally Rhum was first produced in 1924 and can be distinguished by its square bottle. J Bally Rhum Agricole enjoyed a long and successful history until the distillery was closed in 1989. However, the rums of Bally live on: the rum is now made by Distillerie Simon who have been producing rum on Martinique since 1862. Distillerie Simon is one of only 7 distilleries left on Martinique and it is also the largest producer. The old Bally distillation column has been moved to Distillerie Simon where they ferment the fresh cane juice and continue to produce Bally Rhums.


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