J Lohr Wildflower Valdiguie

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J Lohr Wildflower Valdiguie is made from grapes grown on Chualar loam soil in the Monterey AVA (American Vitcultural Area) of Monterey County. Originally Valdiguie was thought to be the Gamay Noir grape of France’s Beaujolais winegrowing region. However, U.C. Davis has since identified it to be a grape variety originating from an area in the southwest of France. It is a very large-berried and late-maturing grape variety requiring careful pruning to keep yields low and ensure the grapes ripen well. J Lohr’s Valdiguie is grown mainly in the windy, cold Arroyo Seco AVA, a sub-region of the Monterrey AVA. This produces a wine reminiscent of the Crus of Beaujolais – Morgon, Fleurie and Moulin-à-Vent.

The grapes for J Lohr Wildflower Valdiguie are hand-picked and whole bunch clusters are put directly into the fermenters where they undergo carbonic maceration whereby whole grapes are fermented in a carbon dioxide rich environment prior to crushing. This is a wine-making technique common to Beaujolais and it gives the wine a remarkable similarity to the wines of Beaujolais, with enticing berry fruit flavours, a vibrant colour and soft tannins. Malolactic fermentation is discouraged in order to preserve bright acidity and fruit character. There is a traditional red wine fermentation of 5 days on the skin whilst the carbonic maceration is for 14 days prior to pressing. J Lohr Wildflower Valdiguie is aged for 4 months in stainless steel prior to bottling.


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