Jean Goyard Ratafia de Champagne Club 1911 18%

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Jean Goyard Ratafia de Champagne Club 1911 is an aperitif from the Champagne region. It is a type of Mistelle, a vin de liqueur, and is similar to other mistelles such as Pineau des Charentes, Floc de Gasgogne and Macvin from the Jura.

Distillerie Jean Goyard is perhaps the most prestigious distillery in the Champagne region. It was founded by Jean Goyard, a true Burgundian and son of a peasant wine-grower, who began his conquest of the Champagne region in 1911 with two distilling machines towed behind lorries. Eventually he settled in Ay, in the heart of the wine growing area, and started out as an artisan-distiller, offering his services to wine growers and wine merchants. Over the decades, the business evolved from its artisan and travelling origins into the modern company today with premises in Ay and Mareuil sur Ay. The business has modernised, diversified and is now the specialist distillery for the Champagne wine growing area. When Jean Goyard died in 1946, his descendents, particularly his sons-in-law Louis Morot and Roger Keene, took the lead from his pioneering spirit and continued to develop the distillery according to Jean’s philosophy of quality, innovation and sense of service. Since 2007 the company has been owned by FINANCIERE Goyard and now collects pomace for distilling from over 400 collection points in the Champagne region.

Jean Goyard Ratafia de Champagne Club 1911 is a natural aperitif drink made from fresh grape juice obtained exclusively from the Champagne region and fortified with spirits from the region. During the ageing process Ratafia de Champagne acquires its mellow and bright amber colour. The syrupy flavour of the ratafia comes from the fructose, the natural sugar contained in the grape juice. Goyard’s product is aged in barrels longer than most and it is bottled as a “Reserve Privilege”, a superior Ratafia.

The famous French author Alexandre Dumas was a great aficionado of Ratafia, which he called that “incomparable elixir”. Read my blog post for more information on Ratafia de Champagne.


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