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Joao Pato aka Duckman Baga Duck is a red wine from the Bairrada wine-growing region of Portugal.

Joao Pato aka Duckman wines are made by Maria-Joao Pato, the middle daughter of Bairrada legend Luis Pato. Maria-Joao is a well-known winemaker in Portugal who is recognized for her innovative winemaking techniques and her commitment to producing high-quality wines using traditional methods. Unsurprisingly, Joao Pato aka Duckman Baga Duck is an unconventional red wine. 

The name “Duckman” is an homage to her grandfather father Joao; “pato” means duck in Portuguese. Joao Pato was the first person in the Bairrada region to bottle wines as Bairrada DOC when it was created in 1980. His son, and Maria-Joao’s father, Luis Pato is famous for being a non-conformist and for pushing the boundaries of wine-making in Bairraida. He was the first to destem grapes and to mature wine in French oak in the region, for example. It is not suprising that Maria-Joao Pato has followed her father’s footsteps with some unusual wines, including natural wines and pet-nat with names likes White Duck, Blablablabla, and Quaaaq Quaaaq (Quack Quack).

Joao Pato aka Duckman Baga Duck is a multi-vintage blend, from four different vintages, of 85% Baga and 15% Touriga Nacional. The grapes are sourced from Pato’s two principal vineyards: Amoreira da Gândara which is composed of mostly sandy soils, and Óis do Bairro which is composed of mostly chalky-clay soils. The grapes are fully destemmed at the winery and undergo a fermentation of 2 weeks on the skins. 75% of the wine was matured in French oak for 6 months whilst the remaining 25% was aged in a combination of cement and stainless steel. There is no stabilization, filtration or malolactic fermentation. The wine is designed to show the real character of Barraida’s indegneous grape varieties with minimal intervention in the cellars.

Baga wines are known for their full body, high tannins, and high acidity, which can give them a bold, intense flavor profile. They are often described as having flavors of dark fruit, like blackberry and black cherry, as well as spices, leather, and earthy notes.

Tasting Notes

Joao Pato aka Duckman Baga Duck has classic style of baga, with dark cherry and berry fruit, pine resin spice, and s good smack of acidity.


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