La Invicta Nicaraguan Panetela Cigar – 1 Single Cigar


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La Invicta Nicaraguan Panetela Cigar – 1 Single Cigar

Flavour: Medium
Size: Panatela
Vitola de Galera:
Length: 5 1/4 inches / 133 mms
Ring Gauge / Width: 29 / 11.43 mms

La Invicta Nicaraguan Panetela Cigars are made by the Plasencia Cigar Factory which also makes cigars for many other brands including, Alec Bradley, Rocky Patel and some great micro-brands like Nomad. These are a a great entry point cigar from Nicaragua. These handmade cigars demonstrate the more robust, rich, earthy flavours, a characteristic of tobacco grown in that region. The tobaccos are from Esteli, Jalapa and Condega.

The La Invicta brand name is owned by Hunters and Frankau who are the exclusive agents for Habanos S.A. and distribute all their Cuban cigars in the UK. The brand was created in the 1940s when, during World War II,  they could not purchase Cuban cigars in US dollars. Instead Hunters and Frankau created La Invicta cigars which were made from Jamaican tobacco to keep the UK supplied during wartime. The brand has recently been resurrected and includes Honduran and Nicaraguan versions.

The La Invicta Nicaraguan Panetela Cigar with is long, thing cigar with a great price tag. Panatela cigars always used to be thought of as ladies’ cigars (particularly in the 1960s and 1970s) but they are great for everyone, I really enjoy them as it really shows off the flavours of the tobacco wrapper as the wrapper to filler ratio is much higher than in a thicker cigar.

The La Invicta Nicaraguan Panetela Cigar has rich, nutty flavours, a touch of sweetness and spice and is medium rich in style.

Hand made cigars, Nicaraguan filler and wrapper. These cigars are sold untubed from our humidor.


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