Mackmyra Vit Hund New Make Malt Spirit 46% 50cl Bottle

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Mackmyra Vit Hund is a New Make Malt Spirit, that is it is an un-aged whisky. Mackmyra was founded by in 1999 by eight classmates from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm with the first commercial whisky coming on stream in 2002. Made from only local ingredients without any additives. Mackmyra Vit Hund is the raw, unmatured spirit which will become Mackmyra Whisky after cask maturation. It is manufactured with the same craftsmanship and is carefully distilled from unsmoked malted barley. Why is it called Vit Hund? American Bourbon pioneers called their un-aged, raw distillate White Dog before they put it in barrels –  Vit Hund is White Dog in Swedish.


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