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Mamont Vodka is a Russian winter wheat vodka made in Siberia. It is made by skilled craftsmen using only traditional methods, natural ingredients and a sustainable production.

The Mamont Vodka brand is owned and was established by Swedish pharma billionaire and explorer Frederick Paulsen Jr. (he is the first man to visit all of the earth’s 8 poles). It was inspired by Paulsen’s involvement in the collection of the Yukagir Mammoth specimen, a very well preserved, frozen adult male woolly mammoth specimen discovered in the autumn of 2002 in northern Yakutia in Arctic Siberia. During the expeditions Paulsen came up with the idea of producing a premium vodka sold in a bottle modelled on the woolly mammoth tusk. The Mamont Vodka bottle was designed by Stranger & Strange, the go-to designers for cool looking bottles.

Mamont is made at the oldest distillery in Siberia, The Itkul Distillery (est. 1868), which is located on the River Itkul at the foot of the Altai Mountains. It is the only distillery in Russia to produce alcohol from pure malt. The water is artesian well water from the Altai Mountains which is renowned for being some of the purest in Russia, naturally filtered through volcanic rock. The grain used to make this vodka is the finest specially selected Siberian white winter wheat. It undergoes a carefully controlled fermentation. The resultant mash is then distilled 6 times through column stills which produces a soft, silky smooth spirit. The next part of the puzzle is the addition of a small proportion of cedar nut spirit to add complexity and a hint of nuttiness. Finally the vodka is filtered through silver birch charcoal.


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