Mariposa Agave Nectar Liqueur 30% 75cl

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Mariposa Agave Nectar Liqueur is made by Heaven Hill Distilleries in Bardstown, Kentucky. It is a liqueur made by blending the finest agave nectar with 100% agave tequila and premium vodka. Agave nectar is a by-product of the Tequila production process. The concentrated sugars produce an earthier sweetness and lightly viscous sweetener than honey.  As well as agave nectar, agave tequila and premium vodka, Mariposa is also enriched with hints of rose oil and gardenia which creates extra layers of complex flavours and aromas. Ideal as a subsititute for sugar syrup in cocktails.

Mariposa is a Spanish word meaning “butterfly” and the Mariposa Agave Nectar Liqueur celebrates the Monarch Butterfly that is native to the tequila producing areas of Mexico.

Serve With

Mariposa and Champagne Cocktail

3 part Champagne
1 part Mariposa

Serve in a Champagne glass.

Mariposa Margarita

1/2 oz. Mariposa
1 1/2 oz. Tequila
3 oz. Sour Mix

Shake all ingredients with ice & strain into an ice-filled glass. Garnish with a lime wedge.


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