Metaxa Ouzo, Greek Anise Aperitif 38%

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Metaxa Ouzo is a Greek Anise flavoured aperitif distilled and bottled by the Famous Greek spirit company, Metaxa.

Metaxa was founded by Greek merchant and entrepreneur Spyros Metaxas. A descendent of silk merchants, Spyros was used to the finer things in life and had sampled many wines and spirits whilst on his many journeys across the world. The first spirit was distilled in 1888 at a specially built distillery in Piraeus, the port of Athens. Ouzo is an important part of Greek culture analgous to Anise and Pastis in French culture.

Metaxa Ouzo production begins with the distillation of a clean, white spirit from grapes or grape pomace which comes off the still at 96% abv. The spirit is then flavoured with Anise and another 14 flavourings in total including coriander, fennel and badiane. Of course, each producer’s recipe is a closely guarded secret. However Metaxa Ouzo does contain “mastic”, a flavouring derived from the resin of the mastic tree, a small evergreen found in the Mediterranean. After flavouring Metaxa Ouzo is then diluted down to its bottling strength, in this case 38% abv. This is all done under the watchful eye of the “Metaxa Master”. The current Metaxa Master, Constantinos Raptis, is the fifth in line since 1888. For more than 25 years, he has been overseeing all of Metaxa’s production.

Metaxa Ouzo a clear spirit with intense aromas and flavours which turns white and opaque when ice cubes or water is added to it.

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Best served over ice diluted with water but can also be mixed with other various mixers or fruit juices.


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