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Mezan Jamaica XO Rum, along with the Mezan Chiriqui from Panama, is a permanent fixture in the Mezan range. The other Mezan Rums consist of an ever-changing selection of vintage rums from various countries. it is the only rum in the range that is a blend of rums from more than one distillery and is not single vintage.

The concept of Mezan Rums is to bring to the consumer the story of the diversity of rum amongst the Caribbean Islands – styles and methods of production, and therefore the rums vary widely. It is marketed as “The Untouched Rum” and, indeed, there are no sweeteners or colourings added. The rum is completely natural.

Mezan Jamaica XO Rum is a blend of casks from the Hampden and Monymusk stills amongst others. Hampden is the high ester distillery located in the North West of the island. Originally owned by a Scotsman – Mr Archibald Sterling circa 1750 – hence its name. Hampden specialises in heavy pot still, very high ester rums and use no commercial yeasts whatsoever in pursuit of this goal. 100% cultures effect the fermentation and the result is very pungent idiosyncratice rum. Monymusk, like Hampden, has Scottish root and is one of the oldest plantations in Jamaica. In the mid-18th century it was owned by Sir Archibald Grant who also owned a slaving station in West Africa which provided labour for his plantation. Traditionally it supplied bulk rum for blending but the quality of high ester rum from here has always been the highest. 

A blend of column and pot still rums, matured in ex Bourbon cask, each batch of Mezan Jamaica XO Rum is re-casked for a certain amount of time before being bottled to encourage the flavours to melt and to improve the rum’s structure and subtlety. Bottled at 40% ABV.

XO means Extra Old. 

To Serve

Can be enjoyed neat, as well as in sophisticated cocktails. The powerful aromas will give your most refined cocktails excellent structure and a distinctive character.


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