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Mi Campo Blanco Tequila is a luxurious, smooth and rich tequila blanco which has been rested in ex Chardonnay casks from Napa Valley.

Tequila Mi Campo is a modern take on tequila combining hundreds of years’ worth of history with modern techniques and barrel finishes. The brand is owned by Constellation Brands who wanted to develop a label that represents the state of Jalisco, ‘land of Tequila’ and Mexico City. The cool and funky labels, with their Blue Weber Agave leaves, heart and Mayahuel et al. were designed by México City illustrator, Raul Urias and each part of the image represents part of the Mi Campo process.

Most spirits aficionados will be familiar with different cask finishes being used for whisky, and to a lesser extent rum, but it is a process not really been experimented much with tequila. However, Mi Campo tequilas are aged in French ex wine barrels from Napa Valley wineries. The Blanco is aged ex Chardonnay cask for 3 weeks whilst the Reposado is aged in Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot Casks for a minimum of 3 months.

Otherwise, Mi Campo tequilas are made in the traditional method. Both the Blanco and Reposado are made from 100% Blue Weber Agave harvested at seven years old from Jalisco, Mexico. The pinas (the heart of the agave which, when trimmed, look like pineapples, hence the name) undergo a 38 hour steam cooking process in stone ovens. After this, the pinas are gently squeezed, never crushed, to ensure only the best, flavoursome, aromatic juice is released with no bitter notes. The juice,  which is known as aguamiel or “honey-water”, then undergoes a natural fermentation in open air tanks. The resulting ferment is then double distilled in stainless steel stills for over 13 hours. The spirit is then let down to 40% using pure spring water from the Volcan de Tequila.

Mi Campo Blanco Tequila is rested for up to one month in used French oak barrels that had been used for aging Napa Valley Chardonnay. This give the a softer, mellow finish with vanilla notes.

Tasting Notes

Mi Campo Blanco Tequila has aromas of cooked agave, banana, fresh coconut, almonds, sweet orange and green apple is layered over hints of elegant vanilla. On the palate, orange blossom tea underscores threads of honey and sweet orange, balanced by subtle white pepper notes.


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