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Motorhead Vodka is a premium vodka made in Sweden. As the strapline goes, “Heavy vodka from the world’s loudest band.”

Motorhead Vodka is produced in Sweden by Brands For Fans, a Swedish company that has specialised in producing various rums, vodkas, whiskies and beers for a roster of various rock bands including, not only Motorhead, but also Scorpions, Judas Priest, Slayer and Rammstein.

After the success of their red wine Motörhead Shiraz, Motorhead decided branch out. Lemmy (RIP) and the band tested plenty of vodkas before they settled on this Swedish Vodka. The water comes from a lake near the small town Malmköping. The vodka is 100% distilled from selected wheat from the Sörmland region.

The vodka was first released in 2011 and was joined by a Motorhead Rum and Motorhead Whisky.

Best drunk listening to Overkill on full volume.

Tasting Notes

Motörhead Vödka is rich and complex with a light and fruity note.

Serve With

Drink neat, served chilled from an ice bucket or over ice.


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