Niepoort Bioma Vinha Velha 2016 Vintage Port


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Niepoort Bioma Vinha Velha 2016 Vintage Port – Dirk Niepoort, as ever, is a bit of a contrarian. There is no “straight” Niepoort 2016 Vintage Port, but he has released his Bioma 2016 Vintage Port.

Bioma is Niepoort’s Old Vine Vintage Port made from organically grown grapes.  the grapes for Bioma are foot trodden at the Niepoort Port wine making facility in Vale de Mendiz and vinified with the stems. After fortification, the port is left to settle over the winter and following spring the port is transferred to Niepoort’s Quinta de Napoles winery where it it racked into pipas (the classic 550L lodge Port pipe or barrel). This is a classic old “English” Port-making practice harking back to the days when Port was shipped to the UK in pipes and bottled there. Bioma also differs from “normal” vintage Port in that it is bottled in its third year, one year later than classic Vintage Port – this is why it is shipped later than other vintage Ports.

100% of the grapes come from the Pisca vineyard. This ancient and emblematic vineyard produces Portos of unique character. As well as playing a very important role in Niepoort Vintage Portos, since 2007 it is now bottled as a single vineyard organic Vintage Porto. The 2016 Bioma Vinha Velha Vintage Porto is a selection of the best pipas aged at Quinta de Napoles.

From the Niepoort Bioma Vinha Velha 2016 Vintage Port declaration ” The Pisca vineyard is really very special. This vineyard didn’t suffer from the rain as much as others, and was picked in three different timings; one third before the rain, one third on the day it started raining (which was not the best idea!), and the rest after the rain. The resulting wines were very concentrated, meaning the 2016 Bioma is different to my normal style of port wines. Personally, I don’t really like big, ripe wines/ports. However, the Bioma deserved to be declared because it is a very good wine. It is a very good expression of the 2016 vintage, and of what nature can provide from such an amazing terroir.” Dirk Niepoort, May 2018.

Serve With

Perfect with “Queijo da Serra”, Stilton or other blue cheeses. Egg based desserts and “pão de ló” (Portuguese sponge based cake)

Tasting Notes

From Niepoort: “A concentrated, almost dark purple colour, with aromas of black pepper, spice and dark fruits such as plums and blackberries. Initially the palate is fresh with superb acidity and a wonderful expression of dark fruits, but follows through to a bold tannic mid-palate and finish, the sweetness and fruit very much dominated by tannin on the finish. This is a Port wine suitable for long cellaring.”


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