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Pernod Anise is probably the most famous anise-based drink. It is produced by the French company Pernod Ricard, who also produce several types of Pastis including Pastis Ricard and Pastis 51. It is typically served as an aperitif mixed with ice and water.

Its origins can be traced back to the 1970s when a Swiss man called Henri-Louis Pernod opened his first absinthe distillery in Switerland. He would later built a larger distillery inthe town of Pontarlier in France in 1805. Pontarlier became the centre of French Absinthe production and, at one point, there were nearly 30 Absinthe distilleries in the town Pernod Fils would go on to become the most popular brand of Absinthe throughout the 19th century until the “La Fee Verte” was banned in 1915. The drink we know today was developed in the years after the First World War and would become the world famous liqueur d’Anis that we know today. Pernod and Ricard merged in 1975. 

This liqueur is made from distillates of star anise, fennel and 14 other botanicals such as coriander and mint. It has a low liquorice content, which sets it apart from Pastis. The liqueur of today was created in 1938, though a reformulated absinthe based on the original recipe was released in 2005. Pernod is not technically a Pastis. It is slightly less alcoholic than Pastis (and much less alcoholic than absinthe). It is also sweetened, which makes it a liqueur d’anis. 

Tasting Notes

Pernod has a light golden straw colour with a slight green reflection. It becomes a cloudy, milky white colour on addition of water. The nose has earthy, herbal and anise notes. The palate is clean and refreshing with rich anise and herbal naunces. More herbal, aniseed and liquorice flavours dominate the finish.

To Serve

As an aperitif or digestif, Pernod is typically served alone or blended with water. The “louche effect” is a property of Pernod that causes it to become hazy when combined with water. This is regarded as the traditional way to drink Pernod and releases the drinks aromas and flavours. Typically it is mixed 1 part Pernod to 5 parts water.

Pernod can be used as a cooking ingredient. It matches weill with dishes including rabbit, chicken, shrimp, and fish soup a characteristic anise flavour. It can be used to flavour sweets like sorbet and ice cream.




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