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Punt E Mes is one of the most famous Italian Vermouths. The history of Punt E Mes can be traced back to 1870. Legend has it that a stock broker was drinking with some colleagues at Bottega Carpano, where Benedetto Carpano invented his legendary vermouth, when he ordered a vermouth with a half measure of quina liqueur. He did so using the Piedmontese dialect “Punt E Mes” roughly translating as a “point and a half”. Eventually this drink caught on amongst the regular drinkers and they developed a hand gesture using a raised thumb to mean “a point” and a mid-air straight horizontal hand movement to mean “a half”. 

The brand was acquired by the Fratelli Branca Distillery (producers of Fernet Branca) in the 1990s and continues to be produced in Turin using a secret blend of herbs, spices, and botanicals. Today, Punt e Mes is recognized as one of the world’s finest vermouths, prized for its rich, complex flavor and versatility in cocktails and cooking. Its unique flavor profile, with a balance of sweetness and bitterness, has made it a beloved part of Italian culture and a staple ingredient in bars and kitchens around the world.

It is sometimes described as a half-way cross between rosso vermouth and Campari. It is dark brown in colour and has a strong flavour, with a large hit of orange citrus and a bitter character. It can be served straight, with some orange peel and is a perfect base for classic cocktails, try in an Americano, Manhattan or Negroni in place of your usual vermouth.

Tasting Notes

Appearance: Punt e Mes has a deep brownish-red colour with hints of orange.

Aroma: The aroma is complex and inviting, with notes of bitter herbs, spices, and dried fruit.

Flavor: The flavour of Punt e Mes is bittersweet, with a complex blend of botanicals and spices. It has a strong bitter flavor at first, followed by notes of dark chocolate, caramel, and orange peel. It finishes with a lingering bitterness that is both refreshing and invigorating.

To Serve

Punt e Mes is a popular ingredient in classic cocktails such as the Manhattan and the Negroni. It can also be used to add depth and complexity to other cocktails, such as the Boulevardier or the Martinez.

Can also be enjoyed on its own over ice, with a twist of orange peel or a sprig of fresh herbs as a garnish. Or combine with sparkling water or soda to create a refreshing spritz. imply mix one part Punt e Mes with two parts sparkling water or soda, and add ice and a slice of orange or lemon as a garnish.


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