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Punt E Mes is one of the most famous Italian Vermouths. The history of Punt E Mes can be traced back to 1870. Legend has it that a stock broker was drinking with some colleagues at Bottega Carpano, where Benedetto Carpano invented his legendary vermouth, when he ordered a vermouth with a half measure of quina liqueur. He did so using the Piedmontese dialect “Punt E Mes” roughly translating as a “point and a half”. Eventually this drink caught on amongst the regular drinkers and they developed a hand gesture using a raised thumb to mean “a point” and a mid-air straight horizontal hand movement to mean “a half”. Punt E Mes was made by the Carpano family in Turin until 2001 until it was bought by Fratelli Branca (the producers of Fernet Branca) of Milan.

Punt E Mes is sometimes described as a half-way cross between rosso vermouth and Campari. It is dark brown in colour and has a strong flavour, with a large hit of orange citrus and a bitter character. It can be served straight, with some orange peel and is a perfect base for classic cocktails, try in an Americano, Manhattan or Negroni in place of your usual vermouth.


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