Pussers Rum Yachting Decanter 42% 1 litre

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The Pussers Rum Yachting Decanter is a ceramic decanter with stopper that Contains 1 Litre Pussers Rum bottled at 42%. It is a commemoration of the sport of modern yacht racing, which can trace its history back to the 1600s. The decanter depicts many of the modern rigs used in sailing and some one-off designs. The artwork was painted by one of the world’s most famous marine artists A.D. Blake from New Zealand. On the shoulders of the Pussers Rum Yachting Decanter one can find some of the most prestigious yacht races in the world, including,

America’s Cup
Volvo Ocean Race
Fastnet Race
Vendee Globe
Bermuda Race
Admiral’s Cup

There are also three cameos on the shoulder of the decanter – Joshua Slocum’s “Spray”, the first man to sail alone around the world from 1895-1898, the Schooner America, the winner of the first America’s Cup Race in August 1851 and the “Jolie Brise, the winner of the first Fastnet Race in 1925. The decanter comes with a large ceramic stopper which has the Pussers Navy Rum life ring logo on the the top. Around the sides there is the flag signal for “Splice the Main Brace”. There is also the Killick’s Fouled Anchor, the official anchor of the Royal Navy which is repeated on the decanter’s neck.

British Navy Pusser’s Rum is the same Admiralty blend of five West Indian rums as issued on board British warships, and it is with the Admiralty’ blessing and approval that Pusser’s is now available to the consumer. In return The Royal Navy Sailor’s Fund, a naval charity more commonly called the “Tot Fund” receives a substantial donation from the sale of each bottle of British Navy Pusser’s Rum. Aside from the fund’s original bequest, the Pusser’s contribution has become the fund’s largest source of income. Today’s Pusser’s is still produced in exact accordance with the Admiralty’s specifications for rum. Unlike most rums, Pusser’s uses no flavouring agents. It is 100% natural.

Please note, the Pussers Rum Yachting Decanter (and all other Pussers Decanters) have been discontinued and we only have a very limited amount left.

Contains 1 Litre 42% Pusser’s Rum and comes complete with a ceramic stopper. Today’s Pusser’s is still produced in exact accordance with the Admiralty’s specifications for rum. Read more.


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