Quinta do Ataide Extra Virgin Olive Oil 50cl

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Quinta do Ataide Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced from olives grown surrounding the vineyards of Quinta do Ataide estate.

Quinta do Ataide is owned by the world-famous Symington family (owners of Graham, Dow and Warre Port amongst others) under their Symington Family Estates company. They are the largest vineyard owner in the Douro Valley with over 1000 hectares split between 26 vineyards. They are also the largest organic wine producers in Portugal via their three Quintas in the Vilarica Valley, Quinta de Assares, Quinta da Canada and Quinta do Ataide. Quinta do Ataide is also home to the  Symington Grape Variety Library, established in 2014, which comprises a vineyard with 53 distinct grape varieties, to further the knowledge of the various Douro grape varieties.

The historic Quinta do Ataide estate is based around an old 18th century manor house and occupies an unusually flat (for the Douro) are of land in the Vilarica Valley. This is an old lake bed surrounded by granite escarpments. The soils here are different from elsewhere int he Douro. They are composed of the traditional Douro granite and schist but have a  an alluvial topsoil component producing a unique terroir. The cold winters and hot summers, combined with low rainfall contributes to the making of an exceptional wine that has wonderful aromas and concentrated colour and flavours.

Quinta do Ataide Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made from hand harvested Cobrancosa and Madural olives and is cold pressed to ensure the true natural flavor and freshness of the olive oil is retained.

Serve With

Quinta do Ataide Extra Virgin Olive is perfect for drizzling over salads, fish dished and will enhance almost any Mediterranean dished. It is also great just served on its own with some nice crusty bread to dip in it.

Tasting Notes

Quinta do Ataide Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a full rich and spicy olive oil. There are aromas of fresh green olives, hints of herbs and dried fruits. It is smooth and fresh on the palate with a nice, spicy, peppery hit at the back of the palate. An elegant olive with subtle spice, nice fresh flavours and aromas with a good length.


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