Quirky Rum King of Prussia Spiced 40%

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Quirky Rum King of Prussia is a spiced rum produced from premium, aged Dominican rum which is flavoured and spiced in Southampton, Hampshire, UK.

Quirky Rum is the brainchild of Ben Quirk who is the co-owner and head of rum production at this small, exciting company based in Southampton. After plenty of experimentation with different rums and spices, production began in early 2021 and three main spiced rums were created: Bahama Queen, Guinea Run and King of Prussia. The King of Prussia is a richer, darker style of Spiced Rum, whilst the Bahama Queen is the most classic style of the three flavours.

Quirky Rum King of Prussia is spiced with Colombian Coffee Beans, Orange Peel, Allspice and Vanilla. The coffee beans lend deep, rich coffee characteristics to the blend. Bottled at 40% ABV.


Tasting Notes

From Quirky Rums via @diaryofarumdrinker

Appearance: Slightly darker in colour but still a light rum.

Nose: Strong coffee is the first aroma to come through, this is closely followed by peppercorn and citrus with hints of vanilla to finish.

Taste sipping neat: Again coffee is the first thing you get from this rum. You then pick up the taste of spice and a nutty flavour. After the initial hit starts to fade you pick up the vanilla to bring you a sweeter note. The finish brings all the flavours together to leave a smooth taste, the coffee lingers the longest on the tongue.

Length: Medium but with each flavour having their moment on the taste buds.

To Serve

Try with ginger ale, your favourite cola or simply neat, or over ice.


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