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Ron Cubay 1870 Extra Anejo Rum is the flagship, and oldest rum, produced and bottled by Ron Cubay. It is aged for 18 years and was created by Cubay’s Maestro Ronero, Cesar Marti.

Ron Cubay is better known domestically than overseas, having only been exported from around 2010 onwards. It is one of the Cuban big three with Havana Club and Santiago de Cuba. It is known locally as the “Pearl of the Cuban Rums”. Cuba has aa long tradition of rum-making. It dates way back to 1493, when Christopher Columbus introduced sugar cane to the island. The crop flourished in the favourable climate and fertile soil.

Ron Cubay is produced by Cuba Ron SA, a state owned rum producer (which also produces Havana Club). Ron Cubay is produced at the Central Rum Factory “Agustin Rodriguez Mena” in Santo Domingo, a town in the province of Villa Clara in he centre of Cuba. Ron Cubay was first produced in 1964 after the Cuban revolution. Ron Cubay is produced with only Cuban molasses from sugar cane. The rum was originally created for the domestic market. On the strength of multiple awards for the quality and presentation of this brand, export was approved for the international market from 2010. 

Ron Cubay 1870 Extra Anejo Rum is presented in a superb decanter bottle.

Bottled at 40% ABV.

Tasting Notes

Ron Cubay 1870 Extra Anejo Rum has a good, clear dark golden amber colour. The nose is intense and sweet with ripe, tropical fruits, hints of spices, vanilla, tobacco, rancio and oak in the background. On the palate, the rum is smooth and well-balanced. There are intense flavours reminiscent of brown sugar, honey, toasted nut, cinnamon spice, chocolate, leather, papaya and other tropical fruits. The finish is rich, long and persistent with more wood, spice and fruit character.


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