Ron de Jeremy Spiced Rum Hardcore Edition 47%

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Ron de Jeremy Spiced Rum Hardcore Edition is a blend of rums from Trinidad and Barbados and flavoured with a secret blend of exotic spices. What is perhaps most interesting is that this spiced rum is bottled at a relatively high ABV of 47% (hence “hardcore edition), most other spiced rums are bottled at much lower ABVs. Ron de Jeremy Spiced Rum is is named after one of the most famous, ahem, male adult entertainment performers, Ron Jeremy. The rums are hand-crafted by the 72-year-old legendary Cuban master distiller Francisco “Don Pancho” Fernandez. Don Pancho has been responsible for some of the world’s most famous rum brands including Havana Club. The rum is made by One Eyed Spirits who also produce Don Pancho’s Origenes range of premium rums.

Ron de Jeremy Spiced Rum Hardcore Edition is bottled in the Netherlands at the Toorank distillery, which was originally established by Metaxa Greek Brandy in 1978. Ron de Jeremy Spiced Rum Hardcore Edition is darker and more flavourful than most spiced rums, certainly stronger alcohol-wise and has a long, smooth finish. As you would expect from the risqué world of adult entertainment this spiced rum packs a hefty punch at 47% ABV,


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