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Rubis Chocolate Wine Liqueur is a fortified, chocolate flavoured, red wine liqueur!

It is made by flavouring fortified Tempranillo wine with chocolate essence. The red wine base is made from 100% Tempranillo grapes sourced from the wine growing region of La Mancha in central Spain. The wine is made in the usual way: grapes are harvested, pressed and fermented and then the wine is “fortified” with a neutral alcohol spirit (a very basic grape brandy). This addition of alcohol stops fermentation whilst there is still a high sugar content leaving a natural sweetness in the wine. The fortified red wine is finally blended with chocolate essences and the producers of Rubis seem to have got the recipe just right!

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Serve With

Rubis Chocolate Wine Liqueur is a good partner to chocolates (experiment with milk or dark chocolates) and any chocolate-based desserts, puddings or cakes. it is also superb poured over ice cream for a rather super-charged chocolate and red fruit kick. It can also be used as a cooking ingredient and could be substituted for Port or Sherry in recipes – I can imagine it in a chocolate trifle of some sort.

Tasting Notes

The label pretty much sums it up – Chocolate Velvet Ruby!

Rubis Chocolate Wine has a good clear, ruby red colour much like a ruby Port. The nose is a combination of red fruit notes, particularly red cherries, orange / citrus and, of course, lots of warming chocolate aromas. The palate is quite complex and has more red fruit and rich, dark, chocolate flavours with is a touch of spice at the back of the palate. The texture is similar to a Port wine, it is not at all gloopy or viscous, and has a sweet, velvety finish. It is a warming 15% ABV, so not too alcoholic. All in all, an unusual drink, but a good balance of wine and chocolate, neither really dominates the other.


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