Rum Nation Panama 18 Year Old Solera 40%

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Rum Nation Panama 18 Year Old is a single domaine rum. It is a limited edition rum release bit is not strictly an 18 year old rum as the rum is aged in a sistema solera, an system of fractional ageing which may be more familiar to anyone who knows a bit about the production of Sherry or Brandy de Jerez.

Rum Nation is an independent Italian rum bottler that was founded in 1999 by Fabio Rossi who had previously worked as an oenologist and had also founded the independents whisky bottlers Wilson and Morgan. Based in Treviso, Italy, Fabio first became interested in working with rum when visiting Scotland in 1990 to source whiskies for bottling. He would often come across old barrels of rum in whisky brokers’ warehouses which were most likely destined to be blended into a “Navy” type rum. This obviously planted a seed in Fabio’s mind and in 1999 Rum Nation was eventually born.

Fabio seeks out aged rums from around the Caribbean and the Americas and bottles a range of unusual rums. They are labelled as single domaine rums but the domaine is never mentioned. All the label divulges is the country of origin, age of the rum or the age of the solera system. The Rum Nation Panama label features a stamp from the country of the rum’s production, as does the entire range: young Fabio was a stamp collector.

Rossi is also responsible for Ron Millonario from Peru.


Serve With

Drink neat, or perhaps over ice with a bar of good chocolate.

Tasting Notes

From Rum Nation,

Appearance: Bright and warm amber.

Nose: Sweet, rich on cola, raisins and coffee. A pleasant hint of esters (fermented fruit).

Palate: Medium body, with presence but without heaviness. Sweetness from the molasses, then cola, bergamot, liquorice, a touch of aniseed and sugared black tea. Orange peel and apricots. Aromatic herbs.

Finish: The notes of aromatic herbs and liquorice grow, and the sweetness subsides to the spicy oaky notes from the long aging.

Comment: A soft, warm and complex rum, slightly drier, more aromatic and oak influenced than the previous edition.


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