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Sagatiba Cristalina Cachaca is the new name for Sagatiba Pura. It is the world’s first premium Cachaca and was launched in 2004 by Brazilian internet millionaire Marcos de Moraes. It is made from fresh sugar cane grown in the farmlands of Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Cachaca is distilled from fresh pressed sugarcane juice, and maintains the bright, fruity, flavors and stimulating, natural bouquet of its main ingredient. Cachaça is often compared to rum, which is also derived from sugarcane. Yet with its lively and fresh cane characteristics, cachaça stands apart from rum, which is made from molasses, a by-product of sugar refineries. It is multi-distilled up to five times using cutting edge multi-distillation process in the town of Patrocinio Paulista in the state of Sao Paulo. This helps to retain distinct flavour characteristics with a soft aroma that’s fresh, lively and delicate. Perfect in a Caipirinha.

Did you know, Cachaça is the third most widely consumed spirit in the world, after only vodka and soju and Sagatiba is the number one selling premium Cachaca brand in Brazil.


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