Sanchez Romate Palo Cortado Regente Sherry

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Sanchez Romate Palo Cortado Regente Sherry Reserva Especiale is one of the rarer styles of Sherry. It is a Sherry that is initially aged under Flor and is destined to become a Fino or Amontillado Sherry. However, sometimes the Flor disappears and the Sherry begins to age oxidatively and the resultant Sherry, the Palo Cortado demonstrate some of the dryness and crispness of Fino and the richness of Oloroso. This part of their range of aged Sherries.

Bodegas Sanchez Romate a high quality producer of both Sherry wines and Brandy de Jerez. The company was established by Juan Sánchez de la Torre in 1781 to produce fine wines. Over two hundred years later Sanchez Romate is one of the oldest bodegas in Spain and one of the remaining wineries in the Jerez Designation of Origin that remains under independent family ownership. A brandy was first produced in 1887 and it is the fabulous Cardenal Mendoza Solera Gran Reserva which has become the family’s flagship brand. The company produces three different ranges of sherry, from the classic Romate range to the Reservas Especiales through to La Sacristía, the company’s oenological treasures.

Sánchez Romate own 60 hectares of vineyards situated on some of the best “Albariza” soils, the famous chalky white soils, of the Jerez region. They have also invested in some of the most modern facilities in the region, all of which are still housed in the traditional bodega buildings located in central Jerez. There are still high-ceiling traditional cellars which naturally keep temperatures stable and allow the natural yeasts to circulate whilst the sand floors help maintain the optimum levels of humidity. This is all important for the development of the flor, the layer of yeast which sits on the surface of the wine.

Prior to ageing Sherry begins life as a white wine, normally made from Palomino grapes, which is then fortified with a young grape brandy. After fortification Sherries are aged through the traditional criaderas y soleras system, a fractional ageing system consisting of American oak casks filled to five-sixths and arranged in layers of three to four. Essentially, the oldest Sherry is drawn off the bottom level for bottling and which is then topped up at the top level with new Sherry.

Sanchez Romate Palo Cortado Regente Sherry is made from 100% Palomino Fino grapes and is aged for 15 years.  The name Palo Cortado means “cut stick” which refers to the mark that the cellar master would use to indicate a cask of Sherry that is becoming a Palo Cortado.

Tasting Notes

Sanchez Romate Palo Cortado Regente Sherry is a golden colours with amber hues. On the nose there amontillado aromas: dry, pungent, very aromatic, almondy amd oak. On the palate it is reminiscent of Oloroso: fragrant, oak and nuts, smooth and aromatic.

Food Pairing

Great as an aperitif or with appetizers, cheese, Iberian ham and almonds or walnuts.


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