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Silverback Mountain Strength Gin is made by the Gorilla Spirits Co. The owner and founder is Andy Daniels who spent four years building up to the first release of Silverback Gin in December 2015. The distillery was located in Four Marks near Alton but, in late summer 2018, the distillery relocated to the village of Upton Grey situated to the south east of Basingstoke.

Silverback Gin is a small batch gin made using a pure wheat base spirit as a clean background spirit to allow the expression of the botanicals. The gin is distilled in Gorilla Spirits’ copper still which is nicknamed Mugwaneza (which means “she who is content” in Kinrwandan). The botanicals in Silverback Gin include Juniper, Coriander, Angelica, Sweet Orange, Calamus Root, Acacia Blossom and Lemongrass. Of course, gin must contain juniper as a botanical by law and coriander, angelica and sweet orange are fairly common gin botanicals. The next three are a little more unusual. Calamus Root brings a bit of warmth and spice, Acacia Blossom adds brings a sweet, honeyed note whilst lemongrass gives a clean, citrus-y finish. It is a very modern style of gin with the botanicals at the fore and the juniper in the background.

For every bottle of Silverback Mountain Strength Gin sold in the UK, depending on the strength, approximately  £15 goes straight to the HMRC, frightening isn’t it? Gorilla Spirits also add GAT (Gorilla Added Tax) and for every bottle of Silverback Gin sold £1 goes directly to The Gorilla Foundation who are working to save the last remaining gorillas from extinction.

Silver Back Gin is now presented in a new bottle, made from recycled glass.

Serve With

Silverback Gin is a superb gin that can be drunk neat or over ice, it also makes a fantastic gin and tonic. Gorilla Spirits recommend Peter Spanton Drinks No 9 Cardamon Tonic Water to make the ultimate G’n’T. The heady cardamon fragrance and green freshness of the tonic water match perfectly with Silverback Gin. Garnish with an inch long strip of orange to complement the sweet orange citrus botanical in the gin.

Tasting Notes

Silverback Gin is powerful but gentle. With zesty coriander and orange citrus notes at the fore, a touch of spice and the always present freshness of juniper this is a gin made to be savoured. It is clean and refreshing, born from a base of exclusively British wheat spirit and featuring seven botanicals: juniper, angelica, calamus root, sweet orange, coriander, acacia blossom and lemongrass.


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