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Square One Organic Vodka is an organic rye-based vodka. It is made by Square One Spirits, which was originally founded by Allison Evanow in Marin County, Northern California in 2006. Today Square One Spirits are made in Rigby, Idaho by Distilled Resources.

Square One Spirits are made using the purest ingredients including pristine spring water from the Snake River which begins in the Teton Mountains, Wyoming (part of the Rockies) and is some of the purest spring water in the USA. Only locally grown 100% USDA certified organic rye is used. Rye likes cold, dry weather best it is sourced from the Northern Plains of the USA. The ingredients are so pure that Square One Organic Vodka obviates the need for multiple distillation, emerging through a single pass through the distiller with its unique flavour profile intact. The ultra-clean unique organic fermentation technique combining with a classic four-column distillation and filtration method creates a vodka which is an incredibly silky with a natural richness on the palate. The resulting spirit is so clean already that it is only filtered once prior to bottling.

In keeping with Square One Vodka’s organic vision and the need for sustainability, Square One labels are made using recycled paper, soy inks and the spent grain is used for cattle feed. No GMO yeasts or chemical additives.


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