Stanton and Killeen Rutherglen Muscat 17.5% 37.5cl Half Bottle

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Stanton and Killeen Rutherglen Muscat is a benchmark Rutherglen Muscat. It is a superb value wine with rich and sweet ‘muscat-y’ and raisin flavours yet with a balance of lightness and freshness. It is the youngest Stanton and Killeen Muscat with an average age of between 2 and 4 years old.

Stanton and Killeen is a family-owned wine company located in the Rutherglen wine growing region of Australia. They are famous for their red wines and Port-style wines but are arguably most famous for the superb dessert wines they produce from Muscat and Topaque. Topaque is the new-ish name for the Muscadelle, which was previously known locally as Tokay! Now in their seventh generation, the company can trace its origins back to 1855 when Timothy Stanton arrived in Australia from England in search of gold. Stanton and Killeen have around 86 acres of vineyards the oldest of which were planted in 1921.

The muscat grapes for the Stanton and Killeen Rutherglen Muscat are crushed and fermented on the skins for only one day. Fermentation is then stopped using high, strength, neutral grape spirit. The wine is then aged in large oak casks for 3 to 4 years. A portion of several years is blended to create a ‘complete’ wine. The Muscat used is Muscat á Petits Grains Rouges which is also known as ‘Rutherglen Brown Muscat.’

Stanton and Killeen are part of the Rutherglen Network, a group of 8 Rutherglen winemakers (along with All Saints, Bullers, Campbells, Chambers, Morris, Pfeiffer and Rutherglen Estates) who market and manage the promotion of (and ensure quality is maintained) the famous fortified wines of the region.

Residual sugar 290 g/L.


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