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Tedeschi Corasco is a red wine from the Veneto region takes it name from the blend of grapes varieties used – COrvina, RAboso and RefoSCO.

Tedeschi has a long and varied history stretching back to 1824 when Nicalo Tedeschi purchased several vineyards in the Valpolicella region and, today, Tedeschi remains a family business. It is one of the foremost producers of Amarone, Ripasso and Recioto wines, in the Veneto region. In total, the family manages some 74 hectares of vineyards, of which 29 are family owned. Tedeschi are one of the ten members founding members of the Famiglia del’Amarone d’Arte (Amarone Families Association), a body set up to promote Amarone wines around the world. The current members of the association are Allegrini, Begali, Brigaldara, Guerrieri Rizzardi, Masi, Musella, Speri, Zenato, Tenuta Sant’Antonio, Tommasi and Venturini.

Tedeschi Corasco is one of their few wines not bottled as a Valpolicella. It is, in fact, bottled as an IGT delle Venezie. This is because although the Corvina comes from Moraine hills in the heart of Valpolicella the Raboso is grown in Oderzo (Treviso) and the Refosco is grown in Aquileia, both outside of the Valpolicella region. The grapes for the Corasco are dried for 1 month and lose about 10% of their weight in this time. The wine is then aged in Slavonia oak barrels for one and a half years years.

The Tedeschi Corasco blend is usually around  70% Corvina, 25% Refosco and 5% Raboso.


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