Teeling Small Batch Blended Irish Whiskey 46%

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Teeling Small Batched Blended Irish Whiskey is bottled by The Teeling Whiskey Company. The Teeling Whiskey Company is a new(ish) independent Irish whiskey company. Ever since Cooley Distillery was acquired by American spirits compant Beam Inc. there has been a big hole in the Irish Whiskey landscape for a good independent Whiskey brand and Teeling, as well as a few other brands, are now starting to fill that gap. Irish whiskey is fastest growing spirits category in the world but a lot of Irish whiskies don’t offer much choice in terms of styles or flavours. The Teeling Whiskey Company intend to change this by producing small batch whiskeys with great personality and character compared to the mass-market brands. Teeling Irish Whiskey is a small batch blend of Malt and Grain whiskey with a higher than normal composition of first fill bourbon barrels and higher than usual ratio of malt to grain.

Teeling Small Batched Blended Irish Whiskey is blended from a small selection of Irish Whiskey that has been finished in rum barrels for 4 to 6 months. The barrels are sourced from Peru, Central America and Canada and Teeling look for casks that have held fruitier, more floral styles of rums which lends extra sweet and smooth flavour to the blend. This is a blend of grain and malt whiskey, the malt included 2006 and 1999 vintages. It is bottled at 46% ABV without colouring or chill filtration to preserve mouthfeel and flavour.


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