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Togouchi Premium Japanese Blended Whisky is blended by Chugoku Jozo. Chugoku Jozo was founded in October 1918 and is located near the city of Hiroshima has been producing a range of liquors, sakes and shochus for almost a century, with their first blended whisky being released in 1990. Although Togouchi Premium Japanese Blended Whisky is blended and aged to a certain extent in the town of Togouchi, it is actually a blend of Scottish malt whisky and Canadian grain whiskey chosen by their Master Blender. The whisky is aged rather unusually in a 361m long tunnel near the town of Togouchi which was destined to be a railway tunnel but never used as such (interestingly Mackmyra Whisky in Sweden in a disused mine which I imagine must be similar). The tunnel provides a a constant temperature of 15C and 80% humidity which is almost perfect ageing conditions. Some of the whisky is also aged at the cellars at the company’s headquarters at Hatsukaichi City which is a bit warmer in temperature and therefore ages the whisky differently (more quickly). Both cellars are used to mature the whiskies used to create the final blend. The whisky is brought down to the desired ABV of 40% using pure spring water from the Sandankyo mountains. The Scottish malt whisky used in the blend is lightly peated and not too strong as this is not to most Japanese people’s taste, whilst the grain brings a touch of sweetness. Togouchi Premium Japanese Blended Whisky is a happy marriage of Scottish heritage and Japanese blending know-how.


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