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Tosolini Amaretto Saliza Veneziano is a superior Amaretto made by Bepi Tosolini. Tosolini is known for their artisanal approach and commitment to traditional craftsmanship.

Located at the foot of the eastern Friulian hills, Tosolini’s modern facility maintains its original installations and ensures the authenticity of its product. The art inspired by Bepi Tosolini lives on in his successors, now third-generation distillers. His son Giovanni, along with his grandchildren Giuseppe, Bruno and Lisa, now carry on the Tosolini legacy. Together, they strive to keep the craftsmanship and excellence of Master Bepi alive through a relentless pursuit of quality and purity. They are most famous as grappa producers but produce various Italian spirits including brandy, eaux-de-vie, Amaro and gin. The distillery’s dedication to excellence has resulted in numerous accolades and international recognition for their spirits.

Amaretto Saliza is made by master distiller Bepe Tosolini and is a cut above the rest. Unlike other Amarettos (or should that be Amaretti?), which are usually made from an apricot kernel concentrate, this one is made by re-distilling spirit with real crushed almonds. This spirit is then blended with alcohol, sugar and caramel which gives the Amaretto the dark colour. There is also some 25 year old aged brandy added to the blend for added complexity. With a rich and velvety texture, it is often enjoyed as a digestif or used in various cocktails and culinary creations. 

Tosolini Amaretto Saliza is part of the Tosolini Spezieria range of liqueurs which also includes the Expre (coffee), Luna Nera (liquorice) and Fragola (wild strawberry). They also make an excellent Limoncello made using the finest Amalfi lemons and 100% natural ingredients. Spezieria literally translates as “apothecary” in Italian and pays homage to the ancient medieval spice shops and the apothecaries of old who selected herbs and prepared all sorts of alcoholic infusions and potions.

Tasting Notes

Tosolini Amaretto Saliza has a dark orange brown colour. A refined almond distillate, harmonious, natural and incredibly balanced. Warm and enveloping notes of honey and candied apricot. A beautiful nose of freshly ground almonds, toffee and orange peel. Light, delicious and rounded on the palate with a fresh  almond sweetness that leads to a long, candied finish. Silky and velvety.

To Serve

Perfect neat or on the rocks, chilled, shaked or mixed in cocktails. Try in coffee or in an Amaretto Sour.

It also complements desserts such as tiramisu and biscotti.


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