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Tosolini Amaro Liquore d’Herbe is a traditional Italian Amaro, a Liquore d’Herbe or Bitters. Amaro (which means “bitter” in Italian) is a type of Italian herbal liqueur usually consumed after a meal as a digestif. Distillerie Tosolini is most famous for their grappas but produce a range of other products. Amaro Tosolini was created in 1918 nad has a unique flavour and character due to secret blend of 15 different herbs, roots and spices. The botanicals include angelica, bitter orange, gentian, star anise, cloves, sea wormwood, lemon balm, mint, ginger and wormwood. These are macerated in pure grape brandy which has been aged for 4 months in ash barrels. After maceration the liqueur is reduced down in strength with pure water from the Fruilian Alps and is then aged for a further 12 months in the distillery before it is release to market. No artificial colourings or flavourings are added. Bottled at 30% ABV.


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