Tosolini Fogolar Riserva 12 Year Old Italian Brandy 38.5%


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Tosolini Fogolar Riserva 12 Year Old is an Italian Brandy made by Bepi Tosolini in the Fruili region.

Bepi Tosolini dedicated himself to perfecting the art of grappa production. A passionate cultivator of his land’s traditions and a revolutionary in his field, Bepi was the first to obtain a clear, limpid distillate through an innovative ageing process in ash barrels. Located at the foot of the eastern Friulian hills, Tosolini’s modern facility maintains its original installations and ensures the authenticity of its product. The art inspired by Bepi Tosolini lives on in his successors, now third-generation distillers. His son Giovanni, along with his grandchildren Giuseppe, Bruno and Lisa, now carry on the Tosolini legacy. Together, they strive to keep the craftsmanship and excellence of Master Bepi alive through a relentless pursuit of quality and purity.

Tosolini Fogolar Riserva 12 Year Old Italian Brandy is a unique brandy made from a careful selection of red wines from the Fruili region – Merlot, Cabernet and Refosco. The wines are distilled in classic Charentais pot stills and then undergo a long ageing process in small Slavonian oak barrels in the distilleries underground cellars.

Tasting Notes

Colour: Intense yellow colour, with orange hues

Body: soft and velvety

Tasting notes: smooth with distinctive notes of vanilla and nuts.

To Serve

Serve at room temperature in a brandy balloon glass. In summer best served at cellar temperature at around 16/18°C.


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