Tosolini Grappa I Legni Rovere (Oak Cask Aged Grappa) 42% 50cl Bottle


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Tosolini Grappa I Legni Rovere is a grappa produced by Distillerie Tosolini and aged in oak casks. It is made from the fresh pomace of Cabernet, Merlot, Refosco, Friulano and Moscato grapes

Located at the foot of the eastern Friulian hills, Tosolini’s modern facility maintains its original installations and ensures the authenticity of its product. The art inspired by Bepi Tosolini lives on in his successors, now third-generation distillers. His son Giovanni, along with his grandchildren Giuseppe, Bruno and Lisa, now carry on the Tosolini legacy. Together, they strive to keep the craftsmanship and excellence of Master Bepi alive through a relentless pursuit of quality and purity. They are most famous as grappa producers but produce various Italian spirits too.

Tosolini Grappa I Legni Rovere is aged for 12 months in Alliers oak barrique and barrels. At Tosolini, it is important that wood ageing does not impart any undesirable flavours into or mask the character of the distillate. The intention is not to produce a cognac-style spirit, which reflects the character from its cask ageing, but rather to enhance the delicate aromas obtained from the grape must with the light and well-integrated flavours in the wood. 


To Serve

Serve at a temperature of 18/20°C in a classic tulip glass. Try with a good cigar.


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