Trinidad Coloniales Cigar – 1 Single Cigar


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Trinidad Coloniales Cigar – 1 Single Cigar

Flavour: Medium
Vitola de Galera: Coloniales
Length: 5 1/4 inches / 132 mms
Ring Gauge / Width: 44 / 17.46 mms


Trinidad Coloniales Cigars, are an elegant slender cigar. Measuring in at 5 1/4 inches long with a ring gauge of 44, these could be described as a slightly wider Petit Corona. They were introduced to the Trinidad range of cigars in 2003.

Trinidad Cigars are named, not after the country, but the 16th century city of La Santisima Trinidad, which translates literally as “The Holy Trinity”. The city is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The brand was created in 1969. Much like Cohiba,Trinidad Cigars were originally only given away to visiting diplomats and dignitaries and it wasn’t until 1998 that small quantities were released for sale to the general public.

Initially there was only one size, the Fundadores but today the range consists of 7 vitolas: Fundadores, Coloniales, Vigia and Reyes have been joined by the Esmeralda, Topes and Media Luna. Like the rest of the vitolas, the Trinidad Reyes has their trademark pigtail cap. They are now considered, by many, to be “the” luxury Cuban Cigar brand excepting Cohiba’s Behike perhaps. Trinidad Cigars are a distinctive blend of tripa -filler- and capote -binder- selected from the Vuelta Abajo  zone, making them unique and highly exclusive. 

For several years Trinidad was made at El Laguito, the Cohiba factory, where its uniquely fragrant and aromatic, medium flavoured blend of filler and binder leaves from the Vuelta Abajo region was developed. By the end of 2004 demand for Trinidad had outstripped the production capacity at El Laguito and it was decided that the manufacture of all the brand’s sizes should be transferred to Pinar del Rio City. It is here that Trinidad is made today close to the famous Vuelta Abajo plantations.

All Habanos are made “Totalmente a mano con Tripa Larga”- Totally Handmade with Long Filler.

Smoke time around 30 minutes.


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