Twisted Nose Barrel Aged Gin 40% 50cl Bottle


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Twisted Nose Barrel Aged Gin is quite simply the standard Twisted Nose Gin bottled at 40% and aged in oak barrels. The gin is made in exactly the same way as normal by macerating the botanicals in a pure neutral grain spirit followed by redistillation. However, subsequent to this the gin is left to age in lightly toasted German oak barrels for several weeks prior to bottling. It is one of three new products recently released by Winchester Distillery  including Twisted Nose Wasabi Vodka and a Twisted Nose Dry Vermouth. The German oak used for ageing this gin has a very fine grain so, although there is some interaction between the oak and the spirit, there is not as much as there would be with more open grain (for example American) oak barrels.

Of course, ageing gin is barrels is not a new phenomenon, a lot of gin used to be stored in old barrels and would take some on some oak character. There are more and more barrel aged gins appearing on the market. Zuidam do a very good barrel aged gin and they also make some fantastic aged Genever, a very close relative.


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