Warres 2007 Vintage Port

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Warres 2007 Vintage Port is a classic vintage Port from “The Biggest Vintage Declaration to Date.” The wines produced were generally of very high quality, with excellent structure, flavour and velvety tannins. Warres Vintage Port is the pinnacle of Port production at Warre and is only produced in “declared” vintages, years that are good enough to make Vintage Port.

Warre’s has been leading the Port trade since it was established as the first British Port House in 1670. A pioneer of a great tradition with over 300 years of history, Warres legacy is built on the superb quality of Warres Vintage Ports and on an unwavering commitment to quality and successful innovation. The complexity, elegance and balance of Warres Vintage Port results from the blending of wines from three great quintas: Quinta da Cavadinha in the Pinhão Valley which runs north of the Douro, Quinta do Retiro in the Rio Torto Valley, which runs south from the Douro just downriver from Pinhão, and since 2006, the Quinta da Telhada in the Douro Superior, just 25 km from the border with Spain. The blend is rounded out by wines from three more vineyards clustered around Cavadinha, namely Quinta do Alvito, Quinta das Andorinhas and Quinta das Netas. All three vineyards have a long history of supplying Warre’s, and are now privately owned by members of the Symington family who continue that tradition. Cavadinha is unique in that its vineyards range from 150 metres by the Pinhão River, to as high as 400 metres. The family’s own vineyards are near the upper end of Cavadinha and continue up to 500 metres. This variation in location and altitude produces a wonderfully balanced wine as it combines grapes from the intense heat of the lower altitude and Douro Superior vineyards with grapes from a much cooler maturity cycle higher up in the Pinhão Valley.

As with all vintage Port, Warre’s 2007 vintage Port will require decanting.

Tasting Notes

Warre’s 2007 vintage Port is inky and concentrated, with opaque colour given by the famous old vines of Retiro Antigo. This concentration combines perfectly with the freshness imparted by the wines from the higher lying Cavadinha vineyards to produce lovely fresh flavours of blackberry fruit. A wine of enormous elegance, combining vibrant lifted fruit with power and long lasting flavours. The wine was much enhanced by the exuberance of the Telhada Touriga Franca grapes.


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