Williams Seville Orange Gin 40% 70cl

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Williams Seville Orange Gin is a flavoured English Gin made in Herefordshire at the Chase Distillery and joins it their excellent range of gins, the GB Extra Dry and Elegant 48 and their other flavoured gins: the Sloe, Sloe and Mulberry and Pink Grapefruit.  It is made at the Chase Distillery which is located on a farm some 30 miles north west of Cheltenham in Herefordshire. All of the potatoes and apples used in the production of Chase Vodka and Gin are grown at the farm.

At time of writing, Chase Distillery are the only distillery in the UK that actually make their gins from a vodka base that they produce themselves (most will use a neutral grain spirit that is bought in). The base for Williams Seville Orange Gin is essentially their GB Extra Dry gin (botanicals include juniper, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, clove, bitter almonds, coriander, cardamon, cloves, liquorice and lemon). After distillation the gin is then infused with raw Seville Orange peel which gives it a crisp, citrus finish.

If you like gin and you like orange then this is the gin for you.

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