Wyborowa Blue Label Vodka, Poland (Rye Base) 70cl 40%


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Wyborowa Blue Label Vodka is one of the most famous Polish Vodkas.

The history of Wyborowa begins in 1823 when Hartwig Kantorowicz established a new, modern distillery in Poznan. Poznan is a city located on the Warta River in west-central Poland. That same year, 1823, a Polish newspaper announced a competition to find the finest clear vodka in Poland. When Kantorowicz presented his vodka, the president of the judging panel proclaimed it “Exquisite!”. The rest of the panel agreed and it was named the best vodka in Poland. Thrilled by the words used to describe his vodka, Kantorowicz decided to call it, “Wyborowa” which literally translates as “Exquisite” in English. Indeed this is the name of Wyborowa’s top vodka. The Wyborowa brand as we know it was established in 1927 when it  it was the first vodka brand to be given an international trademark.

The Rye grain for Wyborowa Blue Label Vodka is grown in Pozan region of Poland which is distilled locally into raw spirit by small privately owned agricultural distilleries. After the first distillation the “wash”, with an alcoholic strength of 7 to 11% is transferred to the main Wyborowa rectification plant where it goes through three columns of a continuous still to remove impurities. The rectified spirit it then diluted to 40% with spring water and finally filtered through natural cellulose plates and mesh filters prior to bottling.


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