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Zuidam Dutch Courage Old Tom’s Gin is a type of gin, known as Old Tom Gin, and is a recreation of a popular style of gin from 18th Century England. It is sweeter style of gin than London Dry Gin but drier than Genever, a link between the two styles.

Zuidam Distillers is a family owned distillery based in the town of Baarle-Nassau in southern Netherlands. They are well known for producing traditional genevers (and gin), Dutch whisky under the Millstone label and a range of liqueurs. The company was founded in 1975 by Fred van Zuidam in 1975 with one copper still. Today the company is run by Fred’s sons Patrick and Gilbert and has expanded to over three thousand square meters and there are four copper stills and over 1000 cask. Whisky production began later in 1998. Until recently all of their grain was milled in seven traditional windmills. Successful growth and an increase in production means this is no longer the case, although the grain milled by windmills is still a large component of their production. This way of milling causes almost no increase in the temperature of the grain and thus helps preserve the wonderful aromas. No artificial fragrances, colors and flavours are used.

Zuidam Dutch Courage Old Toms Gin is made by producing a primary distillate in a pot still which is then redistilled with the 10 botanical separately – juniper, elderflower, iris root from Italy, coriander from Morocco, angelica, sweet oranges and fresh whole lemons from Spain, licorice root from India, cardamom, whole vanilla beans from Madagascar. The the flavoured distillates are reduced to 40% and then blended and aged for a short period in American oak barrels – this reflects the shipping and storage of the style in the 18th century.

Bottled at 40% ABV.

To Serve

Perfect in a Martinez cocktail. Can also be drunk neat over ice, or with tonic and a lime garnish.


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