Zuidam Korenwijn 1 Year Old 38% 50cl Bottle


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Zuidam Korenwijn 1 year old is more delicate than a traditional Genever. The grain spirit for Zuidam Korenwijn is distilled from a “malt wine” with a mash bill of equal parts corn, rye and malted barley that has been fermented for one week. The corn brings a rich sweetness, the rye spiciness and the malted barley provides the backbone. The spirit is distilled four times in small pot still which produces a fruity spirit. Some of the spirit is then redistilled iin the presence of selected botanicals. There are only three used – juniper, liquorice and aniseed. Finally the pure spirit and the botanical spirit are blended together, reduced to 45% abv and are aged for 1 year in smallm 200 litre new and used American oak casks. After a year’s ageing, Zuidam 1 Year Old Korenwijn is bottled at 38% abv. This results in a really smooth mouth feel as well as delicate vanilla flavours from the wood. Korenwijn translates literally as “Corn Wine” and is very traditional, old style of genever, similar to the genevers of the 18th century. Korenwijn wine, by law has to contain at least 51% spirit derived from malt wine, the rest can be from molasses or other alcohols. Zuidam makes their Korenwijn from 100% malt wine making this a very superior product.


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