Ron Millonario XO

Check Fareham Wine Cellar’s current stock of rums here. If you are looking for other Solera style rums the Ron Zacapa 23 and Botran 18 are worth looking at. The Ron Zacapa is closer in style.

Ron Millonario XO Reserva Especial is a super-premium rum from Peru. Like its little brother, the Ron Millonario Solera 15 Year Old Reserva Especial Rum, the XO is is derived from sugar cane molasses. After careful selection, it goes through the watchful process of fermentation, distillation and ageing, bringing together old and modern techniques, and uniting art, science and tradition. Years of careful observation and selection have given rise to perfectly adapted yeasts that slowly convert the molasses into alcohol giving the rum its characteristic bouquet. Ron Millonario XO is distilled in three old Scottish column stills and is thereafter goes through a kind of solera ageing system using cask made of American and Slavonian oak. Four (maybe five) rows of the solera system are employed. The main part of the blend is 18 and 21 year old rum but parts of the blend are rumoured to be up to 30 years old. This XO Rum comes in a very attactive square shaped decanter.
Ron Millonario XO Tasting Notes

Ron Millonario XO Reserva Especial Has a good, rich brown caramel colour. The nose is packed full with spicy and sweet notes, spiced oak, cigar boxes, black pepper, leather, cedar, pot pourri and vanilla. When the rum is swirled around aromas of dried fruit and Christmas cake develop.  The palate is creamy and smooth with flavours of vanilla, treacle, baked fruit, cocoa and Christmas-y fruit cake type notes.  The finish is soft, full-bodied and round with a fine sweetness. Very mild, long and lasting.

Try Ron Millonario XO with a fine Cuban cigar or with a quality dark chocolate.

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