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Fame at last. If you ever wondered what I looked like, here you go! A good plug for Fareham Wine Cellar and Sherry.
An article which appeared in The News (Portsmouth) on Tuesday 13th November 2011.
Fareham Wine Cellar Sherry Article

Just a little bit of information about Sherry, try condensing that subject into 300 words, here is my original article too!!

Sherry, Not Just For Christmas

It’s getting close to Christmas and that time of year when people start to think about dusting off their bottle of Harvey’s Bristol Cream which they bought for Granny last year and has been lurking in the back of the cupboard ever since. However, contrary to popular belief, Sherry, once opened does not keep forever. A sweet, Cream Sherry might be alright to drink after a few months in a cupboard but something like a light, floral and dry Fino Sherry oxidises quickly and can be passed its best in a matter of a week or so. So it’s time to treat oneself to a fresh bottle or two.
Types of Sherry
So which Sherry to drink? If you like a drier, light style try a Fino Sherry like Tio Pepe or perhaps Gutierrez Colosia. There is also Manzanilla which is essentially a Fino Sherry aged at the seaside town of Sanlucar de Barrameda (not far from Jerez where all other Sherry is made). Manzanilla therefore develops a slightly salty, tang along with the usual Fino Sherry notes – this makes it a great aperitif, try it with salted almonds, olives and Manchego cheese or, in fact, any sort of Tapas. Look for Bodegas Argueso Las Medallas or La Gitana.
If you like a sweeter wine, try a Cream (sweet) or Amontillado Sherry (normally medium dry). One of my favourite styles is an Oloroso. Oloroso is a much more aromatic style of Sherry and has characteristics of oak, walnuts and dried fruits on the palate. It can be medium dry or dry in style. I prefer a drier one and it goes really well with nuts, particularly walnuts, Iberian ham or Chorizo. Look out for Sanchez Romate Don José Oloroso.

Dessert Sherry

One of the lesser known Sherries is Pedro Ximenez (PX). Pedro Ximenez is a particular grape variety that is used to make very sweet Sherry. It is also used to sweeten Cream sherry. The best PX Sherries are a bit like liquid raisins and make great dessert wines.  The Sanchez Romate Cardenal Cisneros PX is very sweet and unctuous but with balancing acidity, creamy raisins, espresso coffee and a touch of dark chocolate on the palate. PX is great with blue cheese, pastries and, dare I say it, Christmas Pudding.  If you are feeling a little bit lazy just pour some over some vanilla ice cream!
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