Spring & Summer Wine Course 2015

World of Wine Course @ Lysses House Hotel
51 High Street Fareham Hampshire PO16 7BQ

Daria Kenefeck, who works at Fareham Wine Cellar, has taught a wine course in the local area for a number of years. There are three wine courses per year running roughly during school term times on a Thursday evening. The wine course involves some wine education followed by a tasting. There are also various themed evenings, the occasional blind tasting and sometimes guest speakers.

The classes start at 7.00pm and finish at approximately 9.15pm. If you are interested in attending either the Spring or Summer course please contact Daria at Fareham Wine Cellar, telephone 01329 822733. Or email if you have any further questions.

Please note you will need to bring at least 5 wine tasting glasses and writing implements. Payment must be made at the beginning of the course. The short Summer course is an ideal taster course if you are not sure if you wish to commit to the longer Spring course.

Spring 2015 Wine Course

This will be a 10-week course, starting on Thursday 15th January 2015, finishing on Thursday 26th March 2015, with a one week break on Thursday 19th February


Length: 10 weeks
Cost: £7.00 per night for the course and £6.00 per night for the wine
Therefore £70.00 for the course plus £60.00 for the wine, Total £130.00
Start date: Thursday 15th January 2015
Mid-term break: Thursday 19th February 2015
Last evening: Thursday 26th March 2015
Course Code: LHSP1510

Summer 2015 Wine Course

This will be a 4-week course, starting on Thursday 7th May 2015, finishing on Thursday 28th May 2015.


Length: 4 weeks
Cost: £7.00 per night for the course and £6.00 per night for the wine
Therefore £28.00 for the course plus £24.00 for the wine, totalling £52.00
Start date: Thursday 7th May 2015
Last evening: Thursday 28th May 2015
Course Code: LHSU154

There is a car park behind the hotel, and should this be full for any reason, there is a public car park opposite which is free after 6.00 pm.The room used for the class is on the first floor, but there is a lift available.

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